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emTRUTH distributed data management capabilities are foundational with many use cases in healthcare and across many industries, especially use cases that require securely combining, sharing and analyzing data from many sources of different size and formats. Shorten your application development cycles using our web friendly SaaS API of RESTful microservices and unlock the value of your data.

All About the Data

We design and build for data security and privacy. Our entire backend stack is encrypted in transit and at rest, including capturing data in blockchain for more granular data security. You own and control blockchains. You grant who has access and what they have access to. All blockchain events, including access, are also blockchained for an immutable audit log.


SaaS services and emTRUTH managed blockchains are hosted on AWS GovCloud or IBM HyperProtect for the securest regions of cloud services.

HIPAA, NIST CUI, DoD Cloud SRG and GDPR compliant

Unlock the Value of Data with One API

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