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Improve trust, insight, quality,
and outcomes

Siloed data impedes your ability to scale, threatens viability, and hampers understanding of patient/population risk factors and proper interventions.


With emTRUTH, HIE participants quickly, cost effectively, and seamlessly exchange data. Improve risk and engagement. Streamline communication. Secure patient data sharing. And more. 

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Establish a trust network

Participants may be reluctant to send data to a third party that could aggregate and monetize their data.  


emTRUTH tackles this with control and transparency. All participants control their own data. A consistent, rule-based approach ensures the right access is granted.


And participants see a full, immutable, history.

Go beyond ADT for real-time, full-picture, updates to all parties

emTRUTH increases the value of ADT alerts by enabling distributed, secured access to patient longitudinal health data across the network.


With emTRUTH, HIEs can quickly harmonize and integrate data from any system in any format. Seamlessly review ADT messages and patient clinical info. Securely share and control access to all patient-related data as part of the transfer. Capture and record patient consent. And establish immutable logs for audit. 

Support quality measurement across data sources

HEDIS, MIPS and PCMH scores cannot be accurately measured using claims data alone.


emTRUTH simplifies data integration from many systems, inside and outside of an organization and network.


So you can produce more accurate patient risk scores. Understand attributed populations. And make complex inferences for quality improvement measures, revenue growth opportunities, and risk of loss.

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