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Unlock fast access to all the data needed to improve clinical and financial outcomes

And all the control needed to ensure security and privacy compliance. 


With emTRUTH, quickly and cost-effectively solve problems that have resulted in wasteful spending and higher costs.


Optimize value-based partnerships. Make many EMRs look like one. Manage members and populations towards better health outcomes. And more.

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Capitalize on legislative and payment changes and protect revenue

Fast data integration and interoperability for your existing tools, like machine learning and analytics, will help you improve HEDIS metrics, and optimize HCC coding and risk adjustment.


Get a clearer picture of the cost of episodes of care – inside and outside networks and across organizations. Use this to inform case rates, condition-specific capitation, and episode-based bundled payments.

Control rising healthcare costs

emTRUTH's distinct combination of digital twin and blockchain technologies provides the immutability, data transparency and integrity needed to reduce overpayments. Speed up claims processing and payouts. And eliminate loopholes. 

Reduce unnecessary care, administrative burden, and costs

emTRUTH opens up visibility to complete patient histories (longitudinal and from different sites of care), for insight into risks.


Enable complete patient data exchange, including past and pending prior authorization decisions. Streamline utilization management and processes like prior authorization and concurrent reviews.

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