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Enable a whole new world of care delivery and patient empowerment 

emTRUTH serves as a cornerstone for health tech companies striving to make the vision of a connected, consumer-driven healthcare experience a reality.  


Our technology powers their solutions with quick, reliable, and secure patient data flow with seamless integration and interoperability. While protecting patient privacy.  


With emTRUTH, your connected data strategy is enabled in days, not months. With one API.  

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Reduce time to market 

With emTRUTH, you can connect data in any system, in any format, across networks and organizations - eliminating the need to integrate multiple technologies and toolsets.


Reducing the amount of code and data integration that needs to be developed and tested. And accelerating time-to-market.


Securely. Data as a Service (DaaS) and emTRUTH managed blockchains are hosted on AWS GovCloud or IBM HyperProtect for the securest regions of cloud services.  

Protect patient privacy

emTRUTH supports all leading healthcare data standards like FHIR, as well as older standards, APIs and non-standard interfaces, to allow the flexibility to fit  into any architecture.

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Own and control the data

The entire emTRUTH foundation is encrypted in transit and at rest, including capturing data in blockchain for more granular data security. You own and control blockchains. You tightly control who has access and what they have access to. All blockchain events, including access, are also blockchained for an immutable audit log. 

Customer Highlight: Thrive Health


emTRUTH and Thrive Health have partnered to improve the patient health journey.

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