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Liberate the boundless potential of healthcare data

Payers and providers are beginning to embrace the huge transition from fee-for-service to fee-for-value as a method for increasing quality healthcare and lowering healthcare costs. 

emTRUTH’s patented technology ensures that all data flows more freely between value-based partners. 

So payers can engage in meaningful risk stratification of members. Enable a data-driven journey through the minefield of value-based care risks. Put a stop to costly pay and chase revenue cycles. 

And more. With emTRUTH the use cases for payers seeking a single, trusted source of truth are boundless.

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Engage in meaningful risk stratification

In days, not months, emTRUTH simplifies the integration of data at the individual and community-level – including socioeconomic data – to power strong risk mitigation strategies, wellness programs, interventions, and organizational efficiencies.

Enable a data-driven journey through the minefield of value-based care risks

emTRUTH  simplifies clinical, claims and SDOH data integration from any system, in any format, across networks and organizations. Payers and providers get a deep understanding of the value-based programs they are pursuing, quality improvement measures, opportunities for revenue growth, and risk of loss.

End the costly pay and chase revenue cycle

emTRUTH’s distinct combination of digital twin and blockchain technologies enables providers and payers to see and track the same version of events, the status of claims, and remittance in real-time.


No central database is needed. No more time-consuming back-and-forth. No loopholes.

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