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Endless possibilities for life sciences data integration

Life sciences data integration, trust, and integrity issues run deep. Their challenge? Siloed systems. Patchworked databases. And manual, paper-based documentation. Resulting in drug development delays, fraud, low clinical trial success rates and escalating costs.

emTRUTH has demonstrated the value of its patented blockchain API for life sciences data by making complex integration and access easy and secure.

Forward-thinking pharmaceutical organizations partner with us for seamless clinical data exchange, more powerful clinical trials. Secure, efficient drug supply chains. And more. The possibilities are endless.

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Decentralized, Distributed, or Digitized Clinical Trials

Explore how blockchain can facilitate the ‘3 D’s’ of clinical trials.

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Shorter, less expensive, more powerful, clinical trials

emTRUTH does the heavy lifting  - quickly securing, harmonizing, linking, and tracking massive amounts of data. 


At the same time, patients control how researchers interact with their data.


The result?


Seamless review of critical drug performance and patient outcomes. More efficient collaboration between CROs, coordinators, scientists, and patients. Confidence that clinical trial protocols have been adhered to and data files are secure. And validation that investigational product has been delivered directly to participants in decentralized trials.

True collaboration

emTRUTH’s distinct combination of digital twin and blockchain technologies eliminates any loopholes, ensures transparency and data integrity, and saves all info immutably.

Trackable, traceable, drug supply chains

Go beyond ‘track and trace’ with an auditable trail – including a real-time digital counterpart of every physical object and process – across the entire supply chain.


Zero in on clogs, remove expired, damaged, or fraudulent products, see where supplies are low, and efficiently redistribute inventory to where it is needed most.

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