The Future of Pharmaceuticals

​Developing and bringing new drugs to market needs data from many systems. Right now, large IT teams face complex integration and poor interoperability to build expensive data warehouses to make it work for just structured data

Let us help in achieving measurable return on investment for your healthcare objectives.


Pharma Use Cases

Simplify data integration from any system and do it in days not months. Once transformed, use and re-use these secure data building blocks for horizontal or vertical data interoperability in many apps. emTRUTH enables our customers and partners to unlock the value of data.

Drug Traceability

Drug supply chains are complex and involves many suppliers. A full digital twin that includes what was done, what’s in it; not just where its been.



  • Drug Supply Chain Security Act compliance

  • Secure collaboration with suppliers, customers

  • Full digital twin, not just chain of custody

  • Improve supply chain efficiency

Distributed Clinical Trials

Data is the life blood of trials, from candidate selection to aggregation of test data for FDA approval, while keeping data secure and private.




  • Multi-format data – images, test results, notes

  • Link any data like consent, control groups

  • Lower cost of trials

  • Improve diversity in trial population



Just submitting mandated minimum required data is complex, because every country or organization has their own standards.

Secure data exchange with providers, government agencies and internally

Data Exchange

  • Harmonize data for different needs

  • Simplify government mandated reporting

  • HIPAA, NIST CUI, GDPR, DoD Cloud SRG compliant



  • Lower cost for interoperability and sharing

  • Improve data protection and privacy

  • Be the de facto industry standard of excellence