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emTRUTH and Thrive Health Partner to Improve Patient Healthcare Journey

Press Release

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GLENDALE, CA and VANCOUVER, British Columbia, June 2, 2022 -- emTRUTH®, whose mission is to help healthcare companies unlock the full value of their data, and Thrive Health, whose mission is to make healthcare work better for everyone, today announced a new partnership to extend the insights available to patients, their care providers and their families as they navigate healthcare journeys.

emTRUTH’s patented distributed data management technology will power seamless data integration and interoperability for Thrive Health’s healthcare platforms, applications, and software aimed at improving patient engagement.

An exponential amount of healthcare data is collected throughout a patient’s healthcare journey. Yet, disconnects between data silos, and institutions, as well as the highly sensitive nature of health data itself, means that so much data is out of reach for those who need it most. The ability to glean insights from a more comprehensive set of data, covering a variety of different perspectives, has the potential to advance medical knowledge, improve care delivery, drive down costs, and empower patients to play a bigger role in managing their health and care.

emTRUTH, by advancing blockchain and AI for distributed data management, addresses this challenge with a healthcare data platform that simplifies the process of integrating and sharing data in many places, shapes, and sizes.

For Thrive Health, the ability to integrate more complete data means that patients can tap into a true 360-degree view of their health. Together, emTRUTH and Thrive Health will make multiple electronic health and medical records look like one, and incorporate information across test results, patient-reported experiences, metrics, symptoms – and more – continually building a richer view of patient health over time.

“Thrive Health believes in the power of technology to help capture all the insights vital to producing a complete picture of patient health, and we are thrilled to partner with emTRUTH as our data platform for seamless integration and interoperability,” said Alec McCauley, CEO, Thrive Health.

Importantly, emTRUTH enables patients to own and control their own data according to their own usage criteria – helping Thrive Health strike the balance required to unlock healthcare data’s value, while still ensuring proper data sharing safeguards are in place.

“True to our mission of helping healthcare companies unlock the full value of their data, emTRUTH is proud to support Thrive Health in their drive to empower patients to be more active in their health journey,” said Irene Woerner, CEO, emTRUTH. “Our companies share a vision of a connected healthcare experience – made possible by simplifying the process of combining and sharing data – in a way that enables people to own and control access to their data.”

About emTRUTH

emTRUTH unlocks the power of healthcare data. We do this by making it quick and easy for healthcare users (who are not IT experts) to securely combine and share data on demand while they, and their patients, retain full ownership and control of their data. The company's patent-pending technology offers fast and secure horizontal or vertical data integration and interoperability of any type of data. With one API. From anywhere. Using any standard. To any app. In days, not months. For less. For more information, visit

About Thrive Health

Thrive Health was founded in 2016 by a diverse group of patients, clinicians, researchers, parents, and students who came together to help patients going through complex health journeys, working to put people at the center of their care. Our platform powers health, wellness, and care solutions for organizations by empowering individuals with compelling digital experiences. We operate across North America, headquartered in Vancouver BC, and we’re on a mission to make healthcare work better for everyone.

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