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emTRUTH Forges Collaboration With SCCM Discovery Program

Partnership supports data discovery for SCCM critical care research mission

GLENDALE, CA – November 29, 2023emTRUTH®, whose mission is to help healthcare companies unlock the full value of their data, today announces its collaboration with the Society of Critical Care Medicine (SCCM) to leverage data from Discovery, the Critical Care Research Network, to support the Society’s research initiatives. This Discovery collaboration fulfills one of the emTRUTH’s high priority use cases for NSF Phase II.

Many ICU patients with acute as well as chronic illness or injury may benefit from the sharing of clinical data. Both complete, long-term patient health records and detailed accounts of specific episodes of care, such as for a severe acute respiratory disease like COVID-19, facilitate composition of a comprehensive patient and population health painting. However, siloed data continues to be a major obstacle in healthcare research, impeding improvements to many populations. emTRUTH’s advancements in blockchain and artificial intelligence (AI) technology bolster the seamless sharing of research data and make data both searchable and secure.

The new emTRUTH-SCCM partnership includes the following initiatives:

  • The collaboration will transform and normalize severe acute respiratory infections data from participating organizations for seamless collaboration.

  • emTRUTH will enable the reuse of this respiratory infection data for new clinical research. The effort includes utilizing an on-demand data mart for analytics.

  • SCCM will identify candidate healthcare institutions from their membership to onboard two additional beta sites. These sites will demonstrate the value and ease of secure data collaboration with consent, following an established process for Institutional Review Board (IRB) approval.

“Data discovery is critical to Discovery’s mission of expanding critical care research to improve patient outcomes,” says Discovery Chair Jerry J. Zimmerman, MD, PhD, MCCM. “This collaboration with emTRUTH will allow the data from Discovery to include diverse populations in clinical research and practice, which supports SCCM’s mission to secure the highest-quality care for all critically ill and injured patients.”

About SCCM

The Society of Critical Care Medicine (SCCM) is the largest nonprofit medical organization dedicated to promoting excellence and consistency in the practice of critical care. With members in more than 80 countries, SCCM is the only organization that represents all professional components of the critical care team and offers a variety of activities that ensure excellence in patient care, education, research, and advocacy. For more information on SCCM, visit or follow SCCM on LinkedIn, Facebook, X (formerly Twitter), and YouTube.

Discovery, the Critical Care Research Network, helps expand critical care research and improve patient outcomes by fostering collaborative research to improve outcomes for critically ill and injured patients and seeks to incorporate findings into practice. SCCM recognizes that quality data is a critical component of collaboration.

About emTRUTH

emTRUTH® unlocks the power of healthcare data by making it quick and easy for healthcare providers (who are not IT experts) to securely combine and share data on demand while they and their patients retain full ownership and control of their data. The company’s patented API offers fast and secure horizontal or vertical data integration and interoperability of any type of data, from anywhere, using any standard, to any app, in days, not months, for less. For more information, visit


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