Patient-Centered Providers

Healthcare data helps improve patient outcomes. Data, both clinical and operational, lowers the cost to obtaining these better outcomes. It takes a team to deliver care and right now, patient data is not digitally shared amongst the vast majority of clinicians, labs and services.

Let us help in achieving measurable return on investment for your healthcare objectives.


Provider Use Cases

Simplify data integration from any system and do it in days not months. Once transformed, use and re-use these secure data building blocks for horizontal or vertical data interoperability in many apps. emTRUTH enables our customers and partners to unlock the value of data.

Clinical Data Exchange

Provide the best experiences and more complete care by understanding a patient's full health history. Patient data can be combined vertically to treat chronic diseases like diabetes as well as horizontally for a complete view of patient history.



  • lmprove patient outcomes and satisfaction

  • Lowers cost of safe data exchange with trusted providers, partners and internally

  • Improve data protection and compliance

Improve Pre-Auth

Include multi-format, multi-source clinical data for faster pre-auth



  • Decrease cost and time of pre-auth process

Pharma Sponsored Trials

Alliance with similar sized providers to participate in pharma sponsored clinical trials



  • Increase trial participant diversity

  • Increase revenue opportunities

  • Create access to innovative treatments

Performance Measurement

Integrate data to enable monitoring HEDIS and performance measurements



  • Improve effectiveness of care 

  • Improve experience of care

  • Improve utilization and risk adjusted utilization