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Radical interoperability for less. emTRUTH makes the connection.

Healthcare organizations trust emTRUTH to deliver secure access to all their data. 


The data they need to improve care. Reduce costs. Drive faster, less expensive, more powerful clinical research. Enable true collaboration. 

While enabling the control they need to ensure security and privacy compliance.

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Mission critical is in our DNA


Our mission: enable a secure, immutable source of truth through easy access to all your data. From anywhere. In any system, standard, or size. In days, not months.


Our trusted team of healthcare and technology experts built our patented technology to enable business-critical insight.


For experts and non-data science experts alike. To scale with your business, ensure you have full data ownership, and deliver the best in data security, privacy, and compliance.

Unlock the power of your healthcare data

We're the key for any healthcare organization that relies on valid data to make decisions.


When they need to verify what is true. When collaboration spans organizations. When they need to make profitable sense from an unparalleled amount of information. When they need proof of data authenticity and identity. When they need to retain ownership and control their data.

When they need to improve clinical and financial outcomes.

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Siloed data does not work together

Siloed. Patchworked. Paper-based. Healthcare data integration, trust, and integrity issues run deep.


Contributing to drug development delays. Escalating costs. And concealing patient and population risk blind spots.

We can help.

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