Healthcare Value Realized with One API

emTRUTH's API helps healthcare companies unlock the value of their data through fast and secure horizontal or vertical integration of data from anywhere in any size or format.

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How It Works

With one API, simplify data integration from any system and do it in days not months. emTRUTH’s blockchain technology, unlike blockchain for transactional crypto-currency, transforms data of any size or format into more flexible secure blocks and hyperlinks them for aggregation on-demand. Others cannot. Once transformed, use and re-use these secure data building blocks for horizontal or vertical data interoperability in many apps.  Save money and enable endless possibilities.

For example, medical records are transformed into a patient data block linked to their histories of conditions, like COVID-19, which can contain an anonymized identifier. COVID data can now be easily combined with hospitalization days for a drug trial to measure drug treatment outcomes for insight and intelligence based on purpose. 


Why Choose emTRUTH

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We Focus on Your Needs

Use our lighthouse applications as templates. Collaborative with us to create what you need. We can work with your in-house developers or development partners. We also partner with innovative and complementary technology companies for more complete solutions. Realizing your use cases are what we care about.

Build Your Healthcare Future at Scale

Even with just one patient, healthcare needs data from many systems in many shapes and sizes, like doctor notes and surgery videos. Data agility means speeds and performance that scale with your business needs. Other blockchain solutions are limited to 10MB per block. Other blockchains run very slowly. Get a demo to see how quick and responsive applications are with emTRUTH inside.




Data Ownership and Protection

In healthcare, data privacy and protection is of utmost importance. Many organizations are hesitant to send data to a 3rd party that centrally aggregates data. emTRUTH does not aggregate data. We do not monetize your data. We believe people should own and control their own data. All activities, including access, are blockchained for a full, immutable history. Even patient consent or data usage approval can be blockchained and hyperlinked.

Secure Managed Services

Data in blockchains are part of a distributed, peer-to-peer network. Your blockchain nodes can be hosted by emTRUTH, in your virtual private cloud or on premise.

emTRUTH uses AWS GovCloud and IBM HyperProtect for the best in data security, privacy and compliance. We are HIPAA, NIST CUI, DoD Cloud SRG and GDPR compliant.


emTRUTH in Cohort 3


Nano-Precision Lasers


3D Printed Implants



Lighthouse Applications

emTRUTH technologies are foundational with many use cases in healthcare.  We build lighthouse applications to showcase what's possible. Organizations can use these apps today.



Drug Traceability

Secure sharing of vaccination proof. Traceability from person down to manufacturer's lot for a digital twin -- not just where its been 




Securely capture credentials and background checks for caregivers, nurses, doctors



Secure Data Sharing

Secure sharing of COVID-19 intensive care treatments with a common data dictionary



Protect Med Devices

Self-detecting, self-fixing cybersecurity for connected medical devices



How do I transform data into blockchains?

emTRUTH or you can build easy to read and understand (JSON-based) connectors to existing systems that transform existing or new data into more flexible, meaningful data bits in blockchains. Once connectors are created, you can easily share them with other organizations that use the same system or data models, structured or unstructured. 

How long is blockchain data retained?

If emTRUTH is hosting your blockchains, blockchains are accessible for seven (7) years even if you stop your annual subscription. If you are managing your own blockchain nodes, blockchains are accessible for as long as you continue node management.

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What is blockchain?

Blockchain is simply an encryption technology where a parent block of data is chained to a child block of data, like DNA is passed from parent to child. Data can only be added, not edited nor deleted, for a complete and immutable history. emTRUTH uses the security from blockchain for distributed data management, not crypto-currency.

How do I own my data?

Blockchains are created under your organization and ownership, like company names are registered to you. You own your data in blockchain. You control who has access and the type of access. You can turn on or turn off sharing without IT intervention. Focus on your data and governance, instead of the IT systems.