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Manage data from anywhere, at any time

emTRUTH is built on patented technology with all the benefits of blockchain. Hyperlinks enable on-demand aggregation, enterprise speed, and scalability. Digital twin technology offers more complete data. And, our extensibility allows for future capabilities like machine learning.


We support your existing investments with proven integration to leading EHRs and with healthcare data standards.

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You control the data

The entire emTRUTH foundation is encrypted in transit and at rest, including capturing data in blockchain for more granular data security.


You own and control blockchains. You grant who has access and what they have access to. All blockchain events, including access, are also blockchained for an immutable audit log.

SaaS services and emTRUTH managed blockchains are hosted on AWS GovCloud or IBM HyperProtect for the securest regions of cloud services.  

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Whitepaper: Blockchain Enables Healthcare Interoperability


Explore how blockchain can ensure electronic health information is shared appropriately between healthcare and public health partners in the right format, through the right channel, at the right time.

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Fast. Transparent. Secure. Scalable.

  • Fast integration. In days, not months.

  • Data source, standard, and device agnostic.

  • Transparency. The digital twin shows all data. Not just where the data's been.

  • Enterprise scalability.

  • People own and control their own data, privacy, and consent.

  • Secure encryption at the blockchain level.

  • Real-time data flow.

  • Role-based control grants access to only the info needed.

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Lighthouse Applications


So much data is out of reach for those who need it to advance medical knowledge, improve delivery, manage health risk factors and drive down costs. 

These lighthouse applications are ready use.  Or we can customize an app that fits your needs.



Drug Traceability

Track and share proof of vaccination.  



Secure Data Sharing


Share health registries with IRB approvals or patient consent.




Capture credentials and background checks of caregivers, nurses, and doctors.

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Protect Med Devices

Self-detecting, self-fixing cybersecurity for connected medical devices.

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