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emTRUTH Awarded Another US Patent for Secure Distributed Data Management

GLENDALE, CA, September 14, 2023 -- emTRUTH®, whose mission is to help healthcare companies unlock the full value of their data, announced today that it has received additional intellectual property protection for its technology in the form of U.S. Patent No. US 11,757,663 B1 (“Blockchain-based Monitoring of Devices”). This newly issued patent, which was awarded to the Company by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office on September 12, 2023, further protects emTRUTH’s advancement of blockchain and Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology for distributed data management.

Healthcare data comes from many sources, including connected healthcare devices that are proliferating, from insulin pumps to hospital bedside devices. Unlike traditional cryptocurrency or token-based application where only the coin is protected in secured blockchains, emTRUTH secures any data, from any source, in any size. Data is the asset, not the coin.

Seamlessly and securely making silo, disparate data accessible is crucial to speeding up drug development, improving patient outcomes, making many EHRs look like one, and driving down costs.

“We continue advancing our technology to help people and organizations securely share the right data, with the right people, at the right time. We are excited that the US Patent Office recognizes our innovations.” said Irene Woerner, CEO, emTRUTH. “Data, even big data, is contextual and not one size fits all. To help companies unlock the full value of their data, emTRUTH will continue to drive innovation for seamless and secure data from anywhere. Seamless data is what we need to improve care, drive down costs, and speed up delivery of therapies to improve lives.”

About emTRUTH

emTRUTH® unlocks the power of healthcare data. We do this by making it quick and easy for healthcare users (who are not IT experts) to securely combine and share data on demand while they, and their patients, retain full ownership and control of their data. The company's API offers fast and secure horizontal or vertical data integration and interoperability of any type of data. From anywhere. Using any standard. To any app. In days, not months. For less. For more information, visit


Irene Woerner, CEO



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